Wife Swap
Amateur Wife Swapping

Wife swapping.  Who wouldn’t want to do it if a safe sane way could be found?

Does it really even exist anymore?  The web is already filled to the brim with bad amateur porn and fake swinger or wife swaping porn. I’ve been looking for the real deal for years.  It’s not there.

The original mainstream videos, “Screw My Wife Please”, with that lucky old bald dude were a step in the right direction.  But, that was guys getting their wives fucked by pornstars.  Awesome, but still, not really wife swapping.

With the plethora of porn online these days, you still don’t often see any real wife swapping.  Usually it’s some contrived setup with hotish soft porn type people actually fucking. Nobody can pretend these people are actually real couples except by a stretch of the imagination.

Then there are the weird foreign ones, russian or french or italian or whatever…  I don’t need to get into why those are boring.

We need real American wife swapping.  Post your pics and show us we’re still the land of the free.